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A half-hour TV showcase of Indian/South Asian cooking made easy. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a domestically-challenged kitchen newbie, The South Asian Tasting Table takes viewers on a spicy journey around the world and around the corner. Mixing a dash of humour with a sprinkling of common sense, our hosts show how to prepare and serve delicious and nutritious dishes as well as how to shop for the freshest, most authentic South Asian ingredients.

Join hosts Karen Johnson and Ronica Sajnani as they tackle traditional Indian recipes made simple for busy modern lifestyles. They visit Toronto’s Little India neighbourhood to buy herbs and spices for each show’s feast, introducing viewers to the vast array of flavours and aromas that are the signature of South Asian food.

With the previous success of their South Asian Veggie Table television show, syndicated internationally for the past 13 years, our hosts have established a worldwide following of loyal viewers and the new South Asian Tasting Table promises more delicious opportunities to engage an even bigger audience via web-based interactive elements.

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